10 Best YouTube Apps for Windows 10

YouTube is one of the largest video websites out there and it has millions of videos available for people to watch. Accessing the platform is very easy as all you basically need to do is open a new tab in your browser and head over to the YouTube website. However, that’s not the only way to access the site and there are some YouTube apps for Windows 10 as well.

If you use Windows 10 as the operating system of your computer, you can use these custom applications to access the video platform on your computer. These apps aim to enhance your video viewing experience by letting you change certain features related to the videos.

With these YouTube apps for your Windows 10 PC, you’re sure to take your experience to the next level with all the customization options these apps have to offer.

The apps are as follows:

  • myTube!
  • Pro Tube
  • Tubecast for YouTube
  • Perfect Tube
  • Awesome Tube
  • WinTube for YouTube
  • 4k Player for YouTube
  • FizzTube
  • Music Player For YouTube
  • YouTube TV

1. myTube! (Paid)


If you’re someone who jumps straight over to the comments as soon as you land on a video page, the myTube! app is definitely going to help you out. The app allows you to keep your videos playing even while you scroll down on the page. What it basically does is it adds a transparent video on your screen so you can keep watching it while also reading comments on the page.

Another interesting feature of the app is that it lets you play the music part of the video even when you switch to another app on your computer. It’s a feature that mobile users have been looking forward to for a long time but haven’t been able to get it, yet.

The app costs on $0.99 on the Microsoft Store.

2. Pro Tube (Free)


If you’re only looking for an app that can provide you the YouTube website experience as an app on your computer, Pro Tube is a great choice for you. It comes preloaded with all the features that you already have access to on the YouTube site.

In addition to that, it brings several new features that you’ll be able to explore as soon as you download and install the app on your PC. Some of these features include the ability to play 4K videos at 60 FPS, play live video streams, remove the navigation bar while playing videos, and view your local history.

The app is available for free on the Microsoft Store.

3. Tubecast for YouTube (Free)


Most TVs nowadays come with the YouTube app to help you watch videos on your television. However, if you don’t already have the app yet, you can use the Tubecast for YouTube app to enable the feature on your devices. It’s an app that lets you cast your YouTube videos to pretty much all the devices that can receive these videos.

This list includes the popular Xbox, PlayStation, AirPlay, DLNA, and Chromecast among many. You’ll want to use the app if you want to cast something from your computer over to one of these devices you have.

It actually has a feature that lets you download videos from YouTube to your computer. It supports pause and resume as well so you can start and pause your downloads anytime you want. It comes with the regular YouTube features as well like managing your history, viewing your subscribed channels, and so on.

It’s a free app with seven days of trial period.

4. Perfect Tube (Free)


Perfect Tube tries to bring your YouTube experience to a perfect level by letting you change how you watch videos on your computer. With the app on your PC, you can watch videos, access the trending videos list, and even use gestures to control the playback of your videos.

If you want to browse around but you don’t want the current video to go away, it has a mini player that keeps the video playing no matter where you go on your computer. And like your web browser, it allows you to set it as the default app to open the YouTube links in. That way, you don’t have to manually enter the links or search for videos when you find something interesting in your browsing sessions.

You can grab the app for free from the Microsoft Store.

5. Awesome Tube (Free)


Awesome Tube brings the standard YouTube experience to your desktop but in a way that it looks more like an app than a website. You get access to your favorite videos, newly uploaded videos, notifications for when a new video goes live on your subscribed channels, and many other features like that.

One of the cool features of the app is its ability to keep your videos playing while you surf the web or get your tasks done in other apps on your computer.

It’s definitely a great YouTube app for Windows 10 and you can get it at no cost from the Microsoft Store.

6. WinTube for YouTube (Free)


Not all the apps have to have all the bells and whistles for them to be considered some of the best YouTube apps for Windows 10. WinTube for YouTube is a nicely designed basic app that serves the purpose it’s been built for and lets you watch your YouTube videos on your desktop.

It brings all the standard YouTube controls in an app format on your machine and lets you manage it the way you’ve been doing so far. An extra feature that you might appreciate is it lets you download videos as well. That way, you don’t have to have an Internet connection to watch your favorite videos as those can be downloaded for offline access.

It’s a free app available on the Microsoft Store.

7. 4k Player for YouTube (Paid)


4k Player for YouTube is actually more of a YoTube wrapper that lets you access the platform and its videos with the standard YouTube options. You can watch videos, access your history, discover new videos to watch, and basically manage all your account options.

You can also comment on the videos you like. Sharing and like features are also available in the app for you.

The app costs $2.49 on the Microsoft Store.

8. FizzTube (Free)


FizzTube is a combination of three separate apps that lets you watch, download, and convert YouTube videos on your Windows 10 computer. Using the app, you can find any video you want in any of the available genres, play the videos, and even get them to your computer for later access.

It lets you convert your videos as well so you can convert them from one format to another to make them playable on all of your digital devices.

It’s available for free on the Microsoft Store.

9. Music Player For YouTube (Free)


If the sole reason you’re accessing YouTube is because you want to listen to the great music tracks it has got, you might want to give Music Player For YouTube a try. It’s built for the YouTube music fans out there and it helps you download your favorite tracks for later usage on your computer.

Using the app, you can download the videos in either MP4 (video) or MP3 (audio) format to your computer. These files can then be played on any of your devices including your Windows 10 computer.

You can download the app for free from the Microsoft Store.

10. YouTube TV (Free)


Cable TV is slowly fading away and people are now moving over to online TV streaming services. YouTube TV is one of these and the YouTube TV app for Windows 10 lets you access all the live channels available on the platform on your desktop computer.

You can simply log-in to the app and start accessing many of the TV channels including but not limited to ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, and NBC.

What’s more, the app is available at no cost on the Microsoft Store.

With the availability of all these YouTube apps for Windows 10 computers, you don’t necessarily need to be stuck to the site’s website version. These apps let you access the site in a more customizable way on your computer.

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