How to See Recently Deleted Apps on Android

A woman browsing apps on an Android phone.

Key Takeaway:

  • If your currently-deleted apps were from Google Play Store, open Play Store on your phone, tap your profile icon in the top-right corner, choose Manage apps & device, access the Manage tab, tap Installed, and choose Not installed.
  • If your apps were from Samsung Galaxy Store, launch Galaxy Store, tap the three horizontal lines in the bottom-right corner, choose My apps, and disable Show installed apps.

Want to find out what apps someone installed and then removed from your phone while you were gone? Or maybe you can’t remember the name of an app you uninstalled a while back? It’s very easy to find recently deleted apps, whether they were from Play Store or Galaxy Store, on your Android phone.

For Apps Downloaded From Google Play Store

One way to view recently deleted apps is by using Google Play Store. This helps you locate the currently-deleted apps that were downloaded from Play Store on your phone. Here’s how.

Open Google Play Store on your phone. In the top-right corner, tap your profile icon.

Profile icon highlighted in Google Play Store.

In the open menu, select Manage apps & device.

"Manage apps & device" highlighted in Play Store menu.

On the Manage apps & device screen, in the tab list at the top, select Manage. Then, tap the Installed drop-down menu.

"Manage" and "Installed" highlighted on the "Manage apps & device" screen.

At the bottom of the screen, a menu will appear. Tap Not installed.

"Not installed" highlighted in the "Apps" menu.

You now see a list of apps you’ve ever downloaded but currently not installed on your phone. To find the most recently deleted app, in the app list’s top-right corner, tap the filter icon.

Filter icon highlighted on the "Manage apps & device" screen.

In the open Sort By menu, choose Recently updated.

"Recently updated" highlighted in the "Sort By" menu.

You now see a list of apps that were once downloaded on your phone but currently aren’t installed. If you’d like to install one of these apps, tap an app and choose Install.

Recently deleted apps list in Google Play Store.

For Apps From Samsung Galaxy Store

If your currently-deleted apps were from Samsung Galaxy Store, use that app store to get a list of removed apps. Note that this method only tracks apps you uninstalled after signing in. If an app was removed when you were logged out of Galaxy Store, you won’t find that app’s record.

Note: Apps downloaded from Google Play Store will not appear in Samsung Galaxy Store. These are two separate app stores, and apps are specific to each platform. If you want to see or reinstall an app that you downloaded from Google Play Store, use the above method.

To begin, launch Galaxy Store on your Samsung phone. In the bottom-right corner, tap the three horizontal lines.

"Menu" highlighted in Samsung Galaxy Store.

Choose My apps from the menu.

"My apps" highlighted in Galaxy Store.

To ensure Galaxy Store only displays the apps currently not installed on your phone, turn off the Show installed apps option.

"Show installed apps" highlighted in the "Sort by" menu.

You now see a list of apps that once were installed from Galaxy Store on your phone. To reinstall an app from this list, next to that app, tap the download icon.

Download icon highlighted for a currently not installed app in Galaxy Store.

Samsung Smart Switch and Google One Backups Can Help Find Deleted Apps

If you made a backup of your Android phone prior to app uninstallation with Samsung Smart Switch or Google One, that backup has your currently deleted app in it. You can restore the backup to get access to your app. Note that this will restore other data as well and not just your selected app.

Also, to restore either backup, you’ll have to reset your phone to the factory settings. Then, while setting up the phone, you’ll get the option to restore your backup. Once the backup is restored, you’ll find your currently-missing apps. Good luck!