How to Delete Messages on GroupMe

One of the best things about GroupMe is that you can send each other text messages (SMS). While there are ways to chat with friends on the app via the internet, sending someone a quick text is usually faster. But can we delete messages? Is deleting messages a feature of GroupMe? Let’s get right to it in this article.

Can You Delete GroupMe Messages?

Sometimes, people make mistakes by sending messages to the wrong people or sending inappropriate messages, which is why they may want to delete them.

But for GroupMe, unfortunately, the answer is no. After 60 minutes, the message will have the option to Delete. But after that timeframe, you won’t be able to delete your message. So be quick!

However, you can still hide those messages from your phone. The only thing is that, although you hide it, your chat mate can still see the message.

GroupMe enforces a policy that prevents users from deleting or hiding messages, as the company aims to maintain user anonymity. Other participants in the chat room are subject to the same policy.

Hide a Message on GroupMe

As you cannot delete a message in GroupMe, you can only hide it from your device. But how? To hide a message in GroupMe, follow these two simple steps:

1. Open the app on your phone and navigate to the chat room where those messages are.
2. Then, press your finger on the message you want to hide.
3. A popup menu will appear, from which you should select the Hide option.

Hiding a message does not delete or prevent others from seeing it if they scroll up in the chat history. It simply removes it from view to declutter your chat.

On the other hand, to unhide a chat, click on their profile picture, and in a group chat, click on the chat photo and select Unhide Hidden Message.

Hide an Entire Chat on GroupMe

To hide an entire chat in GroupMe, follow these steps:

1. Click on the group or contact’s avatar in the desired chat
2. Select Settings
3. Then choose Hide Chat.

To unhide a chat, do the following:

1. Click on the Open Navigation button to access the menu
2. Select Archive, choose the desired chat from the hidden chats list
3. Click on the group or contact’s avatar
4. Select Settings
5. Then select Unhide Chat.

Clear a Chat’s History on GroupMe

You can delete entire conversations on GroupMe by clearing the chat history. However, note that this action only applies to your device; other users can still view the chat history on their phones.

To do so, do the following:

1. Locate the desired chat in the GroupMe app.
2. Tap the person’s avatar or chat logo
3. Select Settings, find Clear Chat History in the list
4. Confirm your choice by clicking Clear in the popup window.

Consider this carefully since deleted chat history is irrecoverable.