How I Keep Spoiler Content Hidden on Discord

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Key Takeaway:

  • To add spoiler text, type /spoiler and press the spacebar to add a spoiler box. Click the message field, enter your content, and click Send.
  • To set images and videos as spoilers on Windows, upload your file, click its corresponding eye icon, and press Enter.
  • For Discord web and desktop app versions, you can enable or disable spoiler tags in User Settings > Chat > Show Spoiler Content.

Whether it’s to prevent spoiling someone on a new plot twist or simply keep your content hidden, adding Discord spoilers is easy. I’ll show you what Discord spoilers look like, how to use them for your texts and attachments, and how to enable or disable them on Windows and Android.

What Is a Discord Spoiler?

A Discord spoiler is a message or image that remains hidden from view until someone chooses to reveal it. This helps you keep the fun for others who might not want to be spoiled on a movie plot, a video game twist, or anything else they’d prefer to see for themselves.

Spoilers can also mask content that might be offensive, inappropriate, and anything not safe for work.

Example spoiler content on Discord.

You can mark either part of your text or the entire message as a spoiler. Discord spoilers also work for images and videos. Curious users who choose to see what’s behind them must click the shadow first. Similarly, they can re-hide the content by leaving the channel where the spoiler is posted.

You can adjust your viewing preferences to keep spoilers hidden on your Discord view.

Using Spoiler Tags on Discord Text

There are multiple ways for you to add a Discord spoiler, such as clicking a toolbar icon, typing markdown characters, and using the /spoiler tag. Here’s how.

Launch Discord on a browser or through the app. Navigate to the server and channel where you want to post a spoiler.

Click the Message field and enter your content. Once done, highlight the text that you want to keep hidden from the audience. Then, from the toolbar that appears, click the eye icon.

Discord eye icon for spoilers.

You will see your text automatically being enclosed with two bars on both sides. You can also directly sandwich the spoiler content with || to enable the spoiler feature.

Example spoiler content being edited on Discord.

If you want to mark an entire message as a spoiler, type /spoiler and press your spacebar. Click the message box and enter the spoiler content that you want to add.

Using a spoiler tag for a whole message on Discord.

Press Enter to finish.

If you’re using Discord on the mobile app, you can similarly add a spoiler by typing || on both sides of the text you want hidden. Entering the /spoiler tag before your message also works.

Using Spoiler Tags on Attachments

You can also keep your images, videos, links, and other attachments hidden as spoilers.

On Windows

Launch Discord and go to your chosen channel. On the left of the Message field, click the plus button and select Upload a File.

"Upload a file" option highlighted in Discord.

This will launch the file picker where you can open the spoiler content you want to upload. Once you have selected an image or video, click its corresponding eye icon.

"Spoiler Attachment" button highlighted in Discord.

For the links that you want to attach, treat them as text spoilers. Either use the /spoiler tag or type || on both sides of the link.

Press Enter to send your message.

Note: You cannot enclose Discord invite links and embeds in spoiler tags.

On the Mobile App

Unlike text spoilers, the steps for adding spoiler files on the Discord mobile app are different from Windows. Here’s what you should do.

Launch the Discord mobile app and go to your chosen channel. On the bottom of your screen, tap the plus button.

Add button highlighted in Discord mobile app.

Choose a photo from the image picker displayed. If you want to add videos and other attachment types, click Files instead.

"Files" option for uploading in Discord mobile.

Once uploaded to Discord, tap the thumbnail of the file to open its preview.

File preview on Discord mobile app.

From the options provided, tap Mark as spoiler.

"Mark as spoiler" option in Discord mobile app.

Close the preview and hit the Send button to finish.

Control Spoiler Tags on Discord

If you want to keep spoiler content hidden on your end, adjust your viewing preferences through your Discord settings.

Note: Disabling spoiler tags only works for the desktop app and browser version of Discord as of writing.

On your user panel, click User Settings (the gear icon).

"User Settings" option in Discord for web.

In the User Settings page, open the Chat menu and scroll down to the Show Spoiler Content section. Choose among the options according to your preferences. To keep spoiler content hidden until you click them, select On click."On click" option for spoiler content viewing preferences on Discord.

Press Esc to go back to your server and see your changes.

You can now keep your content hidden by using a simple /spoiler tag on Discord. If you accidentally viewed a spoiler, the only way to hide it again is to leave the channel. That’s it.