Someone Actually Blocked Me on Instagram? Here’s How I Found Out

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Key Takeaway:

  • To check if someone you chatted with on Instagram has blocked you, tap or click their username at the top of your previous conversation thread. If that doesn’t open their profile, it’s a strong possibility you’ve been blocked.
  • Instagram won’t let you see a list of users who blocked you. You also won’t receive any notifications when someone blocks your account.

Not seeing posts from someone on Instagram or unable to tag them on stories? There’s a likely chance that you have been blocked. Instagram won’t really inform you when that happens, but there are a few ways for you to check. I’ll show you exactly that.

Method 1. Search for Their Username

On Instagram, tap or click Search (a magnifying glass icon). Using the search bar, type the username of the person you think has blocked you.

Search menu highlighted on Instagram for web.

If they have blocked you, their account won’t appear on the search results. Meanwhile, if you’re unblocked, here are a few cases that you might encounter upon finding their account:

  • See their profile content, including their display photo, bio, highlights, and posts.
  • If they made their account private, you might see a message that says “This account is private.”

"This Account is Private" message on Instagram.

While missing profiles from search results can be a strong indication that you’ve been blocked, it’s not definitive. Their Instagram profile may not appear in a search for other reasons, including account deactivation and a new username.

Method 2. Look at Your Direct Messages

You really cannot send a direct message to a user who has blocked you on Instagram. But if you’ve had a previous conversation via DMs with them, check if the message thread still exists. If it does, open it and tap or click the displayed name at the top to go to their profile.

Mark Zuckerberg's name highlighted on Instagram DM.

Once you’re redirected to their profile, you will see the following content:

  • Their profile picture and recent posts, if they didn’t block you
  • Their new username, if it has been updated

Unless that person really doesn’t post on Instagram, not seeing anything recently posted can be a strong clue. You can also search for their new username. If their account doesn’t appear, you could be blocked.

Aside from DMs, you can also go to their profile from comments where you interacted with them. However, note that these comments and messages can be hidden or inaccessible in some cases.

Method 3. Use Their Instagram Unique Profile Link

Every Instagram user has a unique profile link associated with their account that goes in the format “” Use it to assess if you’ve been blocked.

While you’re logged into Instagram, follow the unique profile link of the user you think has blocked you. If they blocked you, you might see a message that says “Sorry, this page isn’t available.” The same message may appear if their account has been deactivated.

"Sorry, this page isn't available" message on Instagram.

To check further, log out of your Instagram account or enter Incognito mode before using the unique profile link. If it opens this way, you might really be blocked by that user.

Note: Instagram unique profile links change with the username. If the user has a new handle, this method might not work.

Method 4. See If Other Accounts Can Reach Them

For a surefire way to check if you have been blocked by someone, use another account to see if they can view the user’s profile. You can do a thorough check by using any of the methods above using your other account. Alternatively, ask a friend or a mutual to check.

If their profile doesn’t appear, they might have deactivated their account or updated their Instagram handle. However, if their account shows up using the same handle, your account might have been blocked, indeed.

Remember that blocking works both ways on Instagram. If you can’t see someone’s profile, it’s possible they blocked you. But, it’s also possible you might have blocked them in the past. Double-check your block list before assuming you’ve been blocked.